Writing a Good Abstract for a Research Paper

The abstract of a research paper plays an important role. It determines if your reader would be more interested in reading further. Hence, the abstract is essential in the rating of your work.

Abstracts are like the “executive summary” of a business document or annual reports. It serves as your selling point to your readers. With the overloaded internet space, you have only a little time to “wow” your readers.

The Academic Publishing and Conference International opine that journals are rated on 12 points. This opinion means that your abstract must score on the 12 points to stand out. Your summary must capture the heart of your work.

With the above said, the below structures might be of immense help to you. It will also show you how to write a captivating abstract.

Important Note Before You Start

Before you begin writing the abstract, choose the abstract type you want to write. Although there are two basic abstract styles, they all have the same aim. Your abstract can be either the descriptive or informative type.

  •  Descriptive Abstract

Descriptive abstract usually comprise of 100 to 200 words. It supplies information about the research paper, such as the purpose and objective. It also speaks about the methods used but excludes the result and conclusion.

  • Informative Abstract

This type is about a paragraph long. It gives a summary of all aspects of your work, results inclusive. An informative abstract is widely used compared to the descriptive.

Follow the Abstract Requirements

There might be specific guidelines and requirements needed for your abstract. Ensure you follow the demands for your paper. For instance, some might involve word length, particular formatting style, abstract type, etc.


The research paper might not be for everyone. The awareness of your audience would have a lot of influence on your work. Is your paper for specific kinds of researchers or the general public?

Since your abstract is going to be short, ensure you include only relevant information. Avoid phrases, acronyms, and abbreviations that would confuse your readers.

 If you must use words or references, ensure they are well known. Maximize the use of keywords because they increase your chances of being read. Use commonly searched words as your keyword.

Structuring Your Abstract

The demands for an abstract are high. It is expected to take as much work as the whole paper would. It should have the following to do a good job.

  • Show the purpose of your paper. Why is the study relevant to your field and the general public?
  • Give information about the problem you are talking about. Also, give the scope of the study.
  • Explain your methodology, variables, and depth.
  • Give a concise summary of your results. Relate your result with your hypothesis. Where the outcomes predicted or unexpected?
  • Give the conclusion in connection to your result. What is the implication of your study on the topic?


After writing your abstracts, go through it again to ensure you stayed within the guidelines. You can also give it to a colleague who should provide his feedback. You can also solicit a review from your professor.

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