Top Ideas for Research Paper Topics

Some believe starting to write a paper is the most challenging part of the writing. It’s easy to forget that choosing a topic comes before this start. Topic selection on a research paper demands a lot of time, and so this list of best research topics provided by My Paper Writer can help you.

We have also made it easy for you to discover all about writing top research papers. You would also learn how you can successfully select an exciting topic each time you need to choose one.

Essential Points Before Writing Your Paper

Before you delve into the details of your writing, the following points will help you in making the most of your time and effort.

  1. Start with the Discovery of Your Interests

The way out of confusion over a variety of exciting topics is selecting the issue you are most interested in. Don’t pick topics merely because of speed in completing the tasks. Instead, look out for your interests and make something unique out of it.

One other helpful thing is to consider the nature of your topic if it fits with the required outline for the paper you want to write.

  1. Study the Background Information

The type of topic a paper has determines, to a large extent, the nature of the information that the paper can contain. That is, it is crucial to look out for information on the given topic to understand the best format for the issue.

For example, scientific subjects require that you study relevant textbooks and articles to give sufficient background for an argumentative or persuasive paper. Without these resources, you might not be able to support your thesis.

3 Common Types of Research Questions

It is essential to understand first of all that all research papers answer the following research questions.

  1. Descriptive

This type of question helps the readers to characterize details and understand a series of undescribed patterns of such information. This understanding is facilitated mainly by the use of careful and insightful observation, as seen from particular trends, events, or traits.

  1. Casual

Casual questions in a research paper investigate the effects altering of certain variables have on other variables in a manner as to show the casual relationship they share.

  1. Comparative

These are the type of questions that investigate the similarities and differences that exist between two or more entities under a study.

What is a Good Research Paper Topic?

These features best give insight into their characteristics in explaining what a good research paper seems like.

  • A good research paper is specific and concrete. These terms mean the goals and expected results of such paper are always clear to the reader.
  • A good research paper is original and unique, showing that the study of the subject is novel.
  • A good research paper is highly relevant for the audience of potential readers.
  • A excellent research paper understudies a trending subject in a particular discipline to meet the interest of readers.


You have all it takes to consider writing your paper, having understood the qualities of a good research paper. Start working on your essay now.

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