Crafting a Thesis Statement of Your Paper

When defining what the thesis statement is, we need to understand that it is not all the time is it factual. It is an assertion/statement that the author or writer of a research paper can substantiate with some evidence. As the writer continues to research and think critically, they can come up with the thesis statement. This statement’s major purpose is to provide an angle or perspective of the whole project through the writer’s eyes. A thesis statement is not an objective statement. This is a subjective opinion of the writer and can be changed if new information comes out during the writing process.

A thesis statement is not as objective as a hypothesis, but it serves a similar purpose. A researcher may have a hypothesis that they are testing into their research, but it has not been proved or disproved yet. The purpose of the thesis statement is to show how one understands and interprets what they are learning from their research or study by providing an interpretation with evidence.

When writing academic research topics, it is important to develop and write thesis statements. In order to accomplish this goal, students first begin with a personal research topic that is important to them. It helps if the person making this type of paper knows what they are interested in. When writing a research paper about your own experiences and feelings on the topic, then it is most likely that the student will have a good topic. After completing the paper, one needs to edit it to make sure that all of the information is accurate and well written.

How to write a thesis statement

What determines the thesis statement’s topic is the writer’s point of view or opinion about the subject matter. The paper is entitled as the writer’s point of view. A writer has personal thoughts and opinions on each topic that can be used to draw conclusions on the topic. These conclusions can all be supported with evidence so that it can be considered as an argumentative paper. There are 5 steps on how to write a thesis statement:

  1. The first step in order to complete the thesis is drafting an introduction. It is best to make a thesis statement based on the introduction. The introduction needs to be enticing enough for the reader to want to keep reading. There needs to be sufficient background information for the paper and thoughtful questions that can be answered by writing the research paper.
  2. The second step is having an organized outline of the paper, which will help in making a thesis statement. It is not hard if there is an organized outline already created with headings, sections, and sub-sections using numbers from one to four.
  3. The third step is writing the thesis statement. This statement can be a general summary of the body of information or it can be a description, explanation, interpretation, or interpretation. The thesis statement is a reflection of the writer’s thoughts and views on the subject matter. It needs to be well thought out and have well-referenced examples that prove the contentions made by writer.
  4. The fourth step is having a declaration of an argument that is strong. The writer needs to use inductive logic so that they can make a statement and support it with evidence. This does not mean that the writer has to have all the evidence, but enough so that it supports their thesis statements.
  5. The last step is having a conclusion that summarizes what you have learned from your own research project and what you discovered by reading other people’s research papers.

A thesis statement is a sentence that describes an argument on a research paper. This should be placed in the introduction. The thesis helps the reader to understand what the paper is about and how it is going to be narrowed down and focus on what points the writer wants to make in their paper. When writing down your thesis statement, ask yourself if you agree or disagree with what you are writing. This will help you determine whether or not this should be your topic of choice. 

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