30 Topics for Your Research Paper in Psychology

Professors of psychology often assign a research paper for class. Because there are so many aspects of psychology, teaching all the different complications is hard. Thus, teachers assign research papers so that students may gain more in-depth knowledge about the subject.

But choosing a topic to research can be tricky at times. Sometimes there are too many options, or the student may not know how best to choose. If you are facing such a problem, read on to discover more.

Guidelines to remember

  • Select a topic you want to know more about

Assignments are generally more enjoyable to do if you are interested in the topic. However, some students opt for a topic that can impress the teacher even if they barely have a clue about the issue. Yes, the internet has a lot to say about many things, but your paper will be very difficult if you are bored or generally confused. So for your psychology class, choose something you really want to know more about.

  • Ensure there are enough resources

Though you like it, if there are not enough resources, you will not be able to continue. Most teachers require a minimum of three sources for each side of the problem. So this may mean at least six for your paper.

Psychology topics to choose

To help jumpstart your selection process, take a look at these possible topics for your class.

  1. How do parents deal with their children’s dreams?
  2. Making sense of recurring nightmares
  3. How does racism become ingrained in a child’s psyche?
  4. Is media to blame for the mass shootings today?
  5. Is social media making suicide more popular?
  6. How is body shaming affecting teenagers today?
  7. Mindset of calamity survivors
  8. The draw of sex cults
  9. Is anorexia a bigger problem today than two decades ago?
  10. How can teachers prevent bullying in class?
  11. How realistic is Hollywood’s portrayal of psychopaths?
  12. Why do opposites attract?
  13. How can you detect a cheater before getting married?
  14. Why do wives cheat on their husbands?
  15. Can co-parenting worth it?
  16. Does hypnosis really work?
  17. Top techniques for marketers to appeal to their target markets
  18. Best conflict management techniques managers should be using today
  19. Are gadgets affecting how students view school?
  20. Are children today more or less disciplined than two decades ago?
  21. Coping mechanisms of children when they have to move home
  22. Can criminals be truly reformed while in jail?
  23. Are school guidance counselors actually helping students with their psychological concerns?
  24. Top three factors that are causing depression among teens
  25. Postpartum blues: What can mothers do?
  26. Gender roles: The big changes in the 21st century
  27. Arranged marriages: What conditions are needed for true love?
  28. Nonverbal signals that future husbands should be aware of
  29. Is sex education at school really helping children?
  30. How do children view marriage today?


If you want your psychology research paper to go smoothly, choose a topic you will enjoy doing. So, select a topic from above or tweak one to fit your needs. Good luck.

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